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Come for the mission, stay for the team.

We are using the business of fashion to celebrate and promote African excellence, inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs and create opportunities for women. We're building an outstanding team to do so.

We work differently to most other companies.

We have only two goals at WEAR Ghana: To create products we're incredibly proud of, and a company that provides a great life to the team building it. To achieve those goals we've thrown away most other traditional measures of success.

We optimise for making the best products we can, rather than ones that make the most money. We're cultivating a team of people we love working with, rather than one which is the biggest or most efficient.

We're looking for people with a balanced perspective.

Our team is made up of a group of smart, kind people who get things done. People who are comfortable taking on big ideas and figuring out the details along the way tend to enjoy the light-touch level of process that we use. People with dreams and ambitions beyond their careers tend to appreciate our unapologetic focus on balance and freedom, rather than just all work, all the time.

We want driven people who move fast and ship, getting things done even in the absence of a complete plan. We also want people who are patient and calm, accepting that most things will be mostly imperfect most of the time. We especially value people who are capable and responsible, who don't wait to be told what to do next.

Job openings

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Our transparent application process

1. Submit your application: Follow the steps to complete the online application. We encourage candidates to spend time on our website to get to know our company, values and products.

2. Interviews and test project: Once your application has passed an internal review, you’ll receive an email from us to schedule your first virtual interview. You may be requested to complete a test project that highlights your technical capabilities and communication skills.

3. Decision: We manually review and respond to every candidate’s application. If the hiring committee has agreed to hire you, you’ll receive an official offer to join our team.

4. Onboarding and mentorship: Leading up to your start date, you’ll be invited to a meticulously crafted project that outlines your first month at WEAR Ghana. You may be paired with a mentor and have the opportunity to spend a week working with them in person.

At WEAR Ghana, we take pride in being an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, neurotype, physical or mental disability, or any other category protected by law.

If you need additional assistance throughout the hiring process related to a physical or mental health condition or there is something our team can do to enable a more accessible experience, please notify our team by completing the Contact Us form.